Webshop Instructions

Webshop Instructions

*before you start – any quantity entered into buy box will be saved as an order once you log out or the 15 minute inactivity timer logs you off automatically.

To order from priced stock for next day collection from Southampton or pre-arranged delivery.

When do I order?

Southampton stock -From 2pm until midnight

Holland stock – from 2pm until 11am following day

How do I order?

Log into webshop

Click stock

Click on select stock

Select stock you wish to order from

Select required product group

Click on required item

Enter quantity into buy box on your order / bunch – wrap quantity shows next to buy box.

Create your order

Click shopping cart & bought last 24hrs

Done with shopping / click yes when box shows

You will receive an emailed confirmation

*please don`t enter your order twice if you don’t see your order in shopping cart. By entering your user name & password this automatically saves any quantities entered into your order box.

*user name & password you will receive via communicating with us

*delivery service we operate is for customers that receive 3+ orders per week.

*new customers, any webshop order placed will only be delivered after communication and agreement made.

To forward order from forward orderlist

When do I order?

Day / date will show [updated daily]

How do I order?

Log into webshop

Click order

Select order list

Select date required

Enter quantity required into your order buy box

Click shopping cart

You will receive a emailed confirmation [whole order will be confirmed each time an quantity amendment made]

*prices showing are estimated Dutch flower auction prices we anticipate.

*please take care with number entered into buy box. Bunch / wrap quantity please pay particular attention to.